As your Life Coach, it will be an honor to take you on a journey of self-discovery by asking powerful questions, listening intently and without judgment, and supporting you as you manifest your vision of your best life.  We will work together to build on your talents and strengths, creatively strategize when you feel stuck and intentionally form a balanced triangle of the mind, body and spirit.  

​By creating balance in your life, you will rediscover who you truly are!  
Here are some examples of what Balanced Triangle Life Coaching can do for you:
- Discover and fix exactly what is holding you back from having your best body
- Create more positive, loving and inspiring relationships
- Navigate through blocks or obstacles that may be causing you to lead an unbalanced life
- Change old, restrictive patterns to allow for new actions and effectiveness
- Use less effort to accomplish more; allow fulfillment and joy to flow into your life
​ - Clarify goals, review old boundaries that are keeping you from achieving your goals
- Furnished with the correct tools, determine the steps to move you forward! 

Life Coaching focuses uniquely on YOU, what YOU desire, and how YOU can achieve it.  We will work to create an individualized solution for consciously crafting your new life of success, achievement and happiness.

What is my role as your Life Coach?