"A couple of months ago, I reached out to Liana for her guidance since I had been feeling 'stuck' in areas of life.  After a couple sessions, I have already been able to tell that I have experienced a major shift in my life!  She is so positive and easy to talk to; after each session, I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle life.  What is most important is that she is excited and confident in me and that makes all the difference.  I highly recommend Liana to anyone, whether you feel stuck in life, or just need someone to chat with... she will bring out the best in you!"


"In one session with Liana, my thought process shifted, allowing me to become aware of a side of myself I did not even know was there.  I was unsure of what to expect since I had never been coached before, but was blown away by Liana's ability to coach me to reach dreams that before were unreachable, but now have become a reality.  I am so grateful I met her!"