While living in Chicago, Liana witnessed many of her personal training clients struggling with reaching their goals.  No matter how well they were eating, no matter how many minutes of cardio and weight training they put in, there was just something missing that was holding them back from reaching their true potential.  The issue her clients were facing touched Liana deeply because she could relate. 

Even growing up surrounded by health and fitness, Liana has struggled with weight her whole life. She finally came to realize was that it wasn't the weight she was struggling with - it was her lack of balance of mind, body and spirit.  


Being completely engulfed in this world of feeling good and looking good, she understands the struggles of achieving goals.  After realizing that achieving the continuum could awaken the hidden potential in not only herself, but also those around her, she wanted to take on a new journey in life and use her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, as well as her 14 years of personal training and love of cooking healthy foods to help others connect those pieces to find their balanced triangle.  


​Liana's has always cared about helping others and is so excited to be able to help you, too!  Contact Liana at Liana@balancedtriangle.com to see how you can partner with her to finally become the person you deep down know you are!

Meet Liana!